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Strategy is dynamic. It is a set of integrated decisions that defines a game plan designed to create a shift from an organisation’s current state to its desired future destination. With the fast pace of change and constantly evolving market dynamics, it is ever more important that strategy is dynamic and translated to be relevant.


Facilitating open and candid dialogue on strategic issues, fostering collaboration between functions and business units. The leadership team’s ability to collaborate, inspire and engage others to drive and implement change is vital to the successful implementation of any strategy.


Culture really does eat strategy for breakfast. For your strategy to succeed you must have a culture that will support and embrace it. Our expertise will help you to assess your culture and intervene where necessary to create a positive shift, modifying behaviour and driving up engagement.


Designing and implementing the strategy review process, cycle and accountabilities. Integrating strategy with business planning and quarterly reporting. Developing the Strategy Management role and function. Designing a dynamic process to test and adapt the strategy

Our approach

Getting it done. Together

We will provide you with high challenge and high support. We will stretch your thinking and push your people to achieve their potential. We only work with ambitious leadership teams who own their strategies and commit to the implementation journey. We adapt, we learn, we strive for better. We use proven tools and methodologies from many disciplines, customising our approach to your unique needs.

  • Your best people

    Your business. Your strategy. Led by your people. Through the way we help you implement, your best people will have the opportunity to grow, learn and lead.

  • + our expertise

    A different model of consulting. Expert-led, fast-paced, agile. Rapidly building your capability.

  • = certainty of outcome

    Focus. Energy. Direction. A sustainable and dynamic strategy execution capability.

Strategy Together Group


Leadership Team

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Kit Jackson

An expert in strategy management, Kit worked with Balanced Scorecard founders, Drs. Kaplan and Norton, for over ten years. A regular speaker on Strategy Management, recognised by Kaplan and Norton as the thought leader on using strategic themes for multiple strategy execution processes.
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Sarah Wicks

A founder member of Drs Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard Collaborative UK office, Ms Wicks is also a key note speaker at Strategy Summits, a trainer on the certified Balanced Scorecard programme and a key member of the Office of Strategic Management research team.
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John Shuttleworth

John Shuttleworth has an international reputation in corporate performance management and organisational alignment programmes—integrating the processes of strategy setting, business planning, budget, risk management, governance and execution using balanced scorecards
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Paul Sweeney

Advisory Board Member
Paul Sweeney is an expert in aligning organisational culture and operating models to support the effective implementation of strategy. Paul is a Partner at OEE Consulting and was previously an Associate Director at Boxwood (now KPMG Boxwood).


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